Monday, November 06, 2006

[Tech] Jon Udell's Podcast: "Conversation with..."

Jon Udell and Slow XML ;-)

Markus, thanks to your first report from the W-Jax conference. However, your posting about SOA and "slow" XML brought two things to my attention:

  1. I should recommend the excellent Podcast from Jon Udell, can be found in iTunes or here.
  2. I should mention Podcast: "Conversation with John Schneider about Efficient XML"
Schneider has a company dealing with libraries for "binary XML" and he apparently tries to get according standards to W3C. The idea is, as far as I understand from the Interview, to generate a more efficient "binary" XML layer. This framework is uses a binary representation of the text-based XML format and uses Schema-based optimisation techniques. However, the applications (XML Parser, SOAP libraries...) should be able to use the new libraries without change in the application logic by just exchanging the underlying parser using technologies like JAXP.

Schneiders Company currently develops libraries for Java and .net; open implementations are not yet available (a good project idea, btw...!).

However, Schneider claims, that performance is dramatically better and bandwith-consumpution far lower with their binary-XML technology and refers to customers in automotive and aircraft manufacturers.

I would be very interested in concrete experiences using these new concepts, anyone...?!

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