Friday, October 30, 2009

[Tech] 7 Languages in 7 weeks

Dear Readers,

als you are all interested in programming languages I would like to point your interest to this link which I was pointed at (lots of thanks to the source!):

It is from the blog of Bruce Tate we all know as one the Java Experts and his stunning books.

As far as I know he started an interesting project because he was also interested by the polyglot language area. As I heard he raised a vote about the topic and the languages about his next book! The vote together with his opinion lead to the following languages which I would like to comment on:
  • Ruby -> my personal favourite. Perhaps not the coolest now but the expressiveness and the DSLability for me is outstanding.
  • Io -> Possibly the newest and coolest because the vm / object approach looks interesting.
  • Scala -> Good to have Javas crown prince in here because we all have to learn it.
  • Erlang -> My multiprocessor king (even if it struggles with strings. argh). Especially hot in the #nosql database scene.
  • Clojure -> I already posted about the great clojure. I really love it although its really hard to learn.
  • Haskell -> Good that they / he included the right educational functional concept.
  • Prolog -> This surprised me a little. But Bruce writes that he wants to stretch the readers. And I never thought this could go with a nearly 40 year old language.

So have a look on this book at It's is a definite buy for me even if it hasn't been written yet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[Arch] Resource for Software Architecture

I've found a realy good resource for german audience about software architecture hosted on MSDN. On the MSDN Architecture Center you'll find:
  • Actual news and trends about software architecture
  • Basic information about software architecture (concepts, styles, etc.)
  • Podcasts
  • Tool Previews
  • A free english architecture journal
  • Forum and Knowledge Base
  • Tips and Tricks
Advance your architecture skills by looking at this resource. It is worthwhile itself to make a view to this resource.