Friday, October 30, 2009

[Tech] 7 Languages in 7 weeks

Dear Readers,

als you are all interested in programming languages I would like to point your interest to this link which I was pointed at (lots of thanks to the source!):

It is from the blog of Bruce Tate we all know as one the Java Experts and his stunning books.

As far as I know he started an interesting project because he was also interested by the polyglot language area. As I heard he raised a vote about the topic and the languages about his next book! The vote together with his opinion lead to the following languages which I would like to comment on:
  • Ruby -> my personal favourite. Perhaps not the coolest now but the expressiveness and the DSLability for me is outstanding.
  • Io -> Possibly the newest and coolest because the vm / object approach looks interesting.
  • Scala -> Good to have Javas crown prince in here because we all have to learn it.
  • Erlang -> My multiprocessor king (even if it struggles with strings. argh). Especially hot in the #nosql database scene.
  • Clojure -> I already posted about the great clojure. I really love it although its really hard to learn.
  • Haskell -> Good that they / he included the right educational functional concept.
  • Prolog -> This surprised me a little. But Bruce writes that he wants to stretch the readers. And I never thought this could go with a nearly 40 year old language.

So have a look on this book at It's is a definite buy for me even if it hasn't been written yet.


Andreas said...

Please remind us readers when the book is out!

JB said...

Surpised by Prolog but not by Clojure lineage (sp?) of 50 years?
Lisp can blow your mind in the wrong ways, oftentimes.
Prolog is another kind of more radical minimalism : just logic clauses (form) and just one algorithm (!!!) can go a long way, and let´s not get into readability ... There are prolog hybrids still being developed right now.