Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[Pub] Our new Baby is online :-) (actually in beta)

After some work and some delays, we are proud to finally present a "brother/sister" project to this Blog, the "Best-Practice-Software-Engineering" Samples and Documentation project: please check out this link:

This project will support our teaching in various courses, but should also be a foundation for other "educational" efforts. We present on that page a set of "best-practices" examples plus documentation. At the moment we have two stable examples: one is a "basic" example using a Java Swing Frontend and a Database backend plus logging, Springframework, Unit Testing, Maven builds ... The second example uses the same model and business logic, but provides a JSF frontend and Hibernate for O/R mapping. The third example (still at work) shows a distributed solution including webservices.

Besides these examples we provide information to used software patterns inlcluding interface, delegation, data access object, dependency injection and so on, plus an introduction and motivation for the used technologies.

This whole project is published under Apache license, hence can be used and extended by everyone. Currently we are running the beta-phase also with our SE course in the summer semester, and we hope for feedback and suggestions to enhace the samples and/or the documentation. It will also be updated rather frequently, so please stay tuned!

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Very cool stuff :-)