Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[Arch] Software Patterns Blog

I came across the recently started software patterns blog from editors of the International Journal of Patterns (IJOP) focusing on software patterns, stable analysis and design patterns, architectural patterns, pattern languages and how to develop systems of patterns.

The objective of this blog is to foster mature discussions about issues that affect all software developers and practitioners nowadays and may be interesting as good software patterns tend to encapsulate software engineering best practices.

Examples of current software patttens blog topics are:

Pitfalls Categories Overview: The Factor of Immaturity

1. Skill and Experience: The Magical Wands!

2. Same Problem, but Multiple Patterns!: The Common Problem of Duplication

3. Choosing the Right Pattern- Real Challenges

4. Drawing a Fine Line between an Analysis Pattern and a Design Pattern

5. Keeping it Very Simple!

Patterns that are hard and difficult to understand are, most likely, harder to reuse as well

6. Pitfalls in Traditional Software Patterns

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