Monday, June 11, 2007

[Pub] Simulating Business Process Scenarios for Event-Based Systems

Last week, the 15th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS'07) took place in St. Gallen (CH) where I had the chance to present our work on a simulation-based approach to evaluate, test and benchmark event-based systems.

It seems that companies finally start adopting SOA and EDA concepts to an increasing degree although a few presented case studies suggested, that many are not yet using them to their full potential. However, these systems, which do not use a synchronous communication style in favor of loosely structured interactions, are inherently more difficult to design and even more to test.

Therefore, in our paper we propose a simulation model to simulate the dynamic behaviour of the underlying business processes which allows us to produce familiar, complete and consistent data. By seperating various concerns we are able to partly automate the creation of data as well as the creation of logical sequences of the simulated items (e.g. by deriving them automatically from formal process definitions).

We have already received positive feedback which confirmed us that this is a topic worth looking into. What is your opinion?

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Unknown said...

I am very interested in your post. I am currently researching the use of simulation model i.e Discrete event simulation during project planning. Most IT organisation embarking on software development rarely uses the models to assist them in planning, controlling and monitoring the project. I think the use of this models will assist project managers in sucessful delivery of project on time and interms of quality metrics for the customer