Tuesday, July 31, 2007

[Pub] IEEE CEC/EEE Conference: Event Mining Paper

This week I had the opportunity to attend at the IEEE CEC 2007/EEE 2007 conference in Tokyo to present our paper Event Cloud - Searching for correlated business events. This event includes the 9th IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC' 07) and the 4th IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services (EEE ' 07).
The joint conference will focus on new technologies and methods that enable business processes to smoothly extend in a cross-enterprise environment, including solutions to facilitate business coalition in a flexible and dynamic manner over coming Next Generation Internet which provides ubiquitous, multimedia, and secure communication services.Conference Link
At this point I'm happy to announce that our paper has been chosen for the "Best Paper Award" for EEE '07.

Event Cloud was first introduced by my diploma thesis Efficient Indexing and searching in correlated business event streams and covered a proof of concept for managing and searching for correlated events by applying an indexing approach of events. This work included several architectural iterations with the result that an indexing approach was the most promising concept for such applications. Later on Roland Vecera introduced a full-blown prototype of Event Cloud, including several key features, in his diploma thesis Efficient Indexing, Search and Analysis of Event Streams.
Event Cloud is basically a solution that allows domain experts to search for business events and patterns of business events within a repository for historical events. We consider this repository as a cloud of events, which is used for searching and analysis purposes. Event Cloud processes events, thereby creating an index for events and correlations between events in order to enable an effective event search. It provides a historic view of events with drill-down capabilities to explore and discover different aspects of business processes based on event correlations. Event Cloud allows users to investigate events, such as picking up single events and displaying their content and discovering related events or event patterns.
For further details and related paper downloads please visit Senactive Competence Center.

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