Thursday, September 27, 2007

[Event] VLDB Interviews 2: E. Brewer, M. Stonebraker, M. Brodie

As already explained in the previous posting, we had the great opportunity to record interviews with the keynote speakers of VLDB 2007. In the second podcast episode we got three more interviews with Eric Brewer, Michael Stonebraker and Michael Brodie (from left to right):

Eric Brewer talks about technologies that can help emerging countries in building up IT and communications infrastructure, Michael Stonebraker (who also writes a Blog: "The Database Column") and Michael Brodie talk about trends in database technology, enterprise data management and limits of current technologies and product.

All three are asked about research and about the time-to-market issue for new ideas Werner Vogels brought up in the last interview. Additionally innovation at "big" companies vs. startups is discussed and how venture capital can be used to get out your innovative ideas.

Again to mention: the Podcast series in general is German, the interviews are English. Thanks a lot to Dr. Ross King from Vienna University who again asked the questions in the interview.

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