Friday, December 21, 2007

[Tech] Tim O'Reilly: From Web 2.0 to Robotics and Genomics?

Tim O'Reilly speaks in an interview at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin about the "second coming of the web", that they named Web 2.0 at time ("a stupid name") and he shares some thoughts about current "social networks" and "social graphs" like implemented in Facebook, and why he is not really happy with many of the current developments. He again stresses the importance of data over applications and sees several "undiscoverd data bases".

He also refers to Open Social. An interesting initiative from Google to provide a common API for various social applications, that could provide a basis for software developers to create larger clusters of social applications. Furthermore he discusses privacy aspects and the change in the attitude of people towards privacy.

However he is apparently not happy with current developments, which are not adequate to the possibilities new devices (like the iPhone) and "Web 2.0" generally would allow. He also compares innovation cycles: the PC was hot in the 80s and got very boring in the 90s also due to the dominance of companies like Microsoft. Similar developments could be seen with the phone companies, that overslept most of the new developments and might happen to todays giants like Google.

So the underlying question is: Do companies and particularly developers understand the potential of "Web 2.0" ?

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