Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[Java] Introduction to Wicket

Wicket is a young component based web framework under Apache License, currently available in version 1.3. I've found a good introduction article hosted on TheServerSide , discussing the fundamental concepts behind the framework.

Wicket focus on Seperation-Of-Concern by providing the developer a rich component based model to develop components, which are associated with HTML pages. The logic of the components are written in Java, using the full power of the Java language and the IDE. The design of the pages and components are done by the web designer using powerful HTML design tools. Therefore you have a clean separation between presentation layer (HTML/CSS) and application layer (Java).

The first part of this article gives you a detailed overview about Models in wicket, which are used to associate your web componentes with your domain objects. Then he walks through a small Wicket example and explains the basic architecture about a Wicket applications, including WebApplication, WebPage and how components are associated with HTML pages. The example provides a solid basis to understand the basics of Wicket.

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