Thursday, February 21, 2008

[Misc] Yes, there is life outside Eclipse land :-)

A colleague sent me an interesting email, that reminded me in a way to what I wrote recently about the Hibernate/Cayenne thing. Eclipse is a great project, but yes, there are other also very good IDEs available, that should not be overseen, as they might be more productive for certain scenarios or programmers. Netbeans has a somewhat shaken history, but is now since some years a part of Sun Microsystems and became a fierce competitor to Eclipse. My feeling is, that the foundation of Eclipse (OSGI...) is better, yet Netbeans definitly deserves a second look.

Now the Netbeans foundation offered 1 mio $ for projects in the Netbeans environment, which are precisely 10 grants for larger projekts (each $11.500) and 10 grants for small projects (each $2.000) plus some additional special prices.

Submission started on Feb. 1 and ends at March 3, so get movin ;-)

For details check out the Netbeans grant site.

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Gerd Saurer said...

I would not call Eclipse a good IDE. Yes it became the default standard for at least JAVA development but if you know about IntelliJ in the Java world or VS with Resharper in the .net world you would not miss Eclipse at all. I agree that Netscape was catching up really fast in the last time and became a very useful IDE special for web development. It also supports BPL and Ruby in an much easier way than Eclipse. In my opinion the only thing that stands for Eclipse is the it is open source.