Friday, December 05, 2008

[Misc] Mule Developer Blog

There is now a new blog which takes his focus only on Mule, by providing technical tips, comments and breaking news around the Mule product line (ESB, Mule Galaxy,..). Blogger from this blog are only developers from Mule Source and members of the Mule Service Team, which means that you get the information from first hand. There are already posts, e.g. how to write custom transformers in Mule or an introduction to Expression transformers. Another interesting post focus on performance tuning in Mule.

The backround idea behind this blog is to give the Mule community as much information as possible. This is the right way, because there are some issues (e.g. performance issues) where you always end up in the mailing list and search some hours for the right answer. Some posts are emerge from discussion threads in the user mailing list.

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