Sunday, January 04, 2009

[Misc] Clean Code Developer

Some days ago the recommended .NET Expert Ralf Westphal (with Stefan Lieser) has published in his blog (which is always worth reading) about a new Software Engineering Website called Clean Code Developer (written in german).

The websites name is a little related to the book clean code from Robert Martin I recently reviewed here.

To me this website is stunning in many ways. It is the approach to bring professional development into the minds of all developers. And so it lists and explains the most important development principles on this webpage. Furthermore all tools are listed that help to achieve the goal of good development.

But the website doesn't stop here: a related forum for "clean code" discussion has been set up and they have introduced grades for every developer. So the principles have been rated and put into six grades that are associated to colors (from red to white). So every developer can learn and practice these grades and the included clean coding principles.

For those who have fun doing this you can buy a colored bangle starting from red and buying the others later for 5 €. The idea is to remind yourself always writing clean code. Whether you like the last idea is up to you. But this website really bridges an educational gap: at the university you normally learn programming and something like design patterns in an advanced software engineering course (beside of tons of UML). You nearly never learn good coding principles although many of us will code in
their later career.

So as my new years recommendation I would be happy if you can check out the website given above and join the idea of a clean code awareness.

Let this be one of our answers to the financial crisis.


Anonymous said...

Can we have an English translated version of Clean Code Developer article.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich said...

As far as I know they have discussed to translate the entire CCD site in the Forum. The last thing I know was that they wanted to wait a little.

But ask again in the forum.

Best Regards
Stefan E.

Anyway, the book from Robert C.Martin is in English and covers most of the CCD principles.

Unknown said...

I have an english language translation. Would you like me to forward it?