Monday, February 09, 2009

[Misc] Managing Commercial Software Projects

At IT-Conversations there is a recent interview with Jon Udell talking to Andy Singleton about "Managing Commercial Software Projects". This interview is highly recommended. Actually I figured that Singleton is following pretty much on the same track as I am. However he is making some bold statements; in projects he is using no phone-conferences ("the more phone conferences in a project the more problems the project is in") or VoIP/Video, no time-estimations are done when not explicitly demanded and he is following Open Source practices of distributed development using mostly asynchronous tool-chains.

He is apparently providing a set of development tools "best-practices" at One of the core concepts there is to assemble people around event-streams (of activities). I think, probably the main idea that I totally subscribe too is this: It is actually much more important to have awareness what others are doing than investing a lot of time into planning efforts.

However, listen to to the full interview, recommended!

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