Friday, August 25, 2006

Best-Practices Software Engineering - A new BLOG

This BLOG is dedicated to new trends in Software Engineering:

Who we are?

Members of this BLOG are from

At the moment the following colleagues plan to post articles:
  • Alexander Schatten (IFS, TU Wien; Austrian Computer Society, Working Group: Open Source Software)
  • Stefan Biffl (IFS, TU Wien; Austrian Computer Society, Working Group: Software Engineering)
  • Markus Demolsky (PhD)
  • Dietmar Winkler (IFS, TU Wien)
  • Josef Schiefer (Senactive)
  • Rupert Meinl (Senactive)
  • Gerd Saurer (Senactive)
  • Heinz Roth (PhD IFS, Senactive)
  • Szabolcs Rozsnyai (PhD)
  • and more yet to come...
We want to point out though, that the articles express the experiences and opinion of the very author not the "official" position of IFS, TU Wien or Senactive or any other associated organisation.

What we do?

We are providing lectures in the field of Software Engineering, Software Processes and Value Based Software Engineering. This BLOG is intended to publish our ideas in this fields, make references to research publications, comment new developments in research and technology.

One of our key research areas is the development of event-driven systems which includes the areas of event stream processing (ESP), complex event processing (CEP), event-driven architectures (EAPs), and real-time analytics.

Additionally, we hope, that this BLOG helps students from our lectures, project partners and colleagues from research projects to stay updated and connected to our group.

What is the focus of this BLOG?

In this BLOG we will focus mainly on these aspects:
  • Trends in Software Engineering (e.g., aspect oriented programming, trends in middleware, service-oriented architectures, attribute oriented programming)
  • Software Processes (traditional, agile, VM-XT, ...)
  • Open Source Software and Software Engineering best-practices
  • Quality aspects in Software Engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Java best-practices
  • .net best-practices
  • Short reports and impressions from conferences we attended
  • Reviews of interesting articles and books we read
  • Applications of Software Engineering in E-Commerce
Updates, Access, Comments ...

We plan to update this BLOG regularly, at least once a week. References to other articles and material will be part of BLOG entries.

To stay updated, please subscibe to the Atom news feed provided for this log!

We also would appreciate to stay in touch with our readers, so do not hesitate to write comments to our articles!

We hope, you will enjoy this BLOG!

the SE team!

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