Tuesday, August 29, 2006

[Tech] Spring on the Client

The ulterior motive when companies use Java as development language is the strength in the web area of the language. But Java can also be used to develop rich client applications. On the web you will find a lot of web frameworks, like JSF, Spring MVC and many others. However, there are also some interesting technologies for rich client development, including the Spring Rich Client Project.
The Spring RCP is based on the popular Spring framework and uses some provided features of Spring, like dependency injection or resource management. Principles of the Spring framework (programming to interfaces, OO design, testing) will be also find in the Rich Client. Spring RCP enhance Spring by providing an abstract layer for GUI development. Spring RCP don't reinvent the wheel new, therefore Spring RCP provides integrations for proved existing rich-client-related projects, like JGoodies-Forms, JGoodies-Looks or TableLayout.
The key features of the Spring RCP are:
  • Mature command framework
  • Data Binding and Validation Framework
  • Multiple Window Support
  • Factories for common GUI controls complying GUI standards (Wizards, Dialogs,...)
Chris Parasons gives a short journey through the spring rich client. There can also be find a step by step tutorial for the master/detail component written by me.

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