Thursday, November 16, 2006

[Pub] Eclipse-Plugin for XFire

I'm proud to present my online article in the Eclipse magazin. This article presents the Eclipse-Plugin for the OpenSource SOAP framework XFire, by demonstrating a Step-By-Step sample. My last article in the JavaMagazin describes the conecpts of XFire and how to use XFire with the Spring framework.


Anonymous said...

The JM article made me consider using XFire for the first time (and successfully rebuild a bunch of our internally used SOAP infrastructure this way, afterwards), so it has been quite useful. However, as most of the time I took the JM article to be just a "starting point" for dealing with the subject in more detail, and I found a difference I am not completely clear on: In your article, you configure ...xfire.spring.XFireSpringServlet to enable spring-based SOAP remoting, whereas the xfire documentation relies upon the Spring DispatcherServlet to do the very job. Which approach is the better one, here, in your opinion?

Thanks and best regards,

Markus Demolsky said...


you're right. Most of the time you can use the DispatcherServlet configured by a associated configuration file, e.g. xfire-servlet.xml

However, the XFire documentation mentions that the XFireSpringServlet can be used to expose services over HTTP if:
1) Not using the XFireConfigurableServlet
2) Not using any of the Spring remoting features

To your question. As I understand the DispatcherServlet is used when you set up XFire for use via Spring's Remoting framework. As a consequence you expose your services with the XFireExporter.

In current projects I always expose my services by using Web Service Annotations, like in the article.


kk1010 said...

heyy, do you have english versions of your article? I would really appreciate that. Secondly the links to your articles do not work, but I found your EM article at