Thursday, December 28, 2006

[About] Old and New Year and Blog Issues

Our SE Blog is now "on the air" since August, nearly half a year, and we have more than 40 articles of good quality as also regular readers confirmed. So I am personally quite happy with the first months of this Blog.

For now, I wish all my colleagues and our readers merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope for more good articles from all contributors in the new year and for a steady growing community of readers.

However, as nothing is perfect, and I try to improve this Blog; so I am happy about comments and suggestions (maybe as a comment to this entry).

Currently (as there is a new version of released) I am reshaping the design of our Blog. The new design is clearer I think, better readable (width is not restricted) and most of all, we use two new features from the new Blogger: the better navigation, that allows to easily check older articles and the new labels to restrict the view to articles of a special category.

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