Tuesday, December 19, 2006

[Event] Software Engineering for Everday Business - Review of the Third Event

The third Event in the series "Software Engineering for Everyday Business" dealt with modern architecture styles and development best-practices. Marcus Demolsky and I held the presentation. The key concept of this lecture was "patterns". I see patterns as best-practices on different "levels":
  • Software Build (best practices)
  • Testing
  • Enterprise Architecture
    • Coordination
    • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Event Driven Architecture
  • User Interaction Patterns (e.g., "Web 2.0")
  • Enterprise Application Patterns
  • User Interface Development (e.g., MVC)
  • Application Level Design Patterns
Hence we started refreshing the knowledge of design patterns (like Oberver, data access object, facade...), layered architecture, SOA, EDA, aspect oriented development and finally ideas and examples of "Web 2.0".

After this rather theoretical part, we showed some practical examples on frameworks like Spring and Maven. Particularly Maven is very interesting as a manifestation of build-automation best-practices. Eventually I ended with a round up and outlook to the last event in the series dealing with quality assurance and talked about automated testing and profiling using Eclipse TPTP.

Please check out the resources website for a download of all presentations.

I hope to see many of you at the last event in January!

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