Sunday, September 02, 2007

[About] Happy Birthday :-)

As time goes by...

Actually our Best-Practice SE Blog is meanwhile one year old! We started with this Blog end auf August 2006.

I must say, that I am quite happy with the impact so far. We have regular writers and readers, and the quality of the blog entries is good from my point of view. In 2006 we had 44 articles, and in 2007 (until now) we have 42 so far with on average more than 5 articles per month, so it seams, that writing is a rather steady process.

Also the number of readers is slightly, but continuously raising over the last years. About the Feed subscription I don't have proper information yet, I just recently started the feedburner service.

However, I want to thank all authors for their articles, and hope that everyone is motivated to participate even more in the next year.

I also (last but not least) want to thank our readers and would ask them for critical and positiv feedback!! Please use the comment function!!


Xosé Manuel Carreira said...

[music]Happy birthday to you[/music]

Saifuddin said...

hi Alexander Schatten, sorry for late but belated birthday :-)..