Sunday, September 16, 2007

[Tech] Briefings Direct Podcast Series

Today I found a potentially very interesting Podcast for developers and architects interested in, let's say B2B scenarios: Briefings Direct Podcast. This is a Podcast series from the Interarbor Solutions Analyst Dana Gardner.

However, this podcast series already has nearly 100 episodes with titles like:
  • SOA Insights Analysts on SOA Appliances, BPEL4People and GPL v3
  • Open Source Projects Empower SOA Infrastructure Definition and Development
  • SaaS Providers Increasingly Require 'Ecology' Solutions from Infrastructure Vendors
  • Apache Camel Addresses Need for Discrete Infrastructure for Services Mediation and Routing
I personally was most interested in the Podcast covering Apache Camel, interviewing one of the core developers James Strachan. I am most interested in Camel, as it implements (many) of the EI patterns suggested by Gregor Hohpe. Camel helps developers who use a broad variety of middleware technologies and strategies (JBI ESB, Active MQ, SOA with webservices, ...) to implement these patterns.

Speaking of which (ok, I am a little jumpy today), whoever might not know it by now: Gregor Hohpe will give a speech at Vienna University of Technology this friday.

Update: Please read the comment Dana Gardner postet to this Blog entry: They actually provide a transcript for each podcast episode (whoever is doing this heroic job of transcribing interviews, it sure is very helpful to dig into some details or search for quotations.). So check this out too!

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Dana Gardner said...

Thanks, Alexander. I'm glad you found these podcasts useful. Please also be advised that full transcripts of all of these podcasts are available at: We also offer syndication rights to this content for a small monthly fee, though access is always free.