Friday, October 05, 2007

[Event] Software and Systems Essentials Conference 2007

From June 4-6 the 1st Software and Systems Essentials Conference 2007 took place in Munich, Germany. An important goal of the conference is bringing together people from business, industry, and academia who are working in software engineering and information technology with its various aspects. Discussions and exchange of experiences between users in public and industrial contexts and vendors of software solutions (regarding software development frameworks) were in the main focus of the event.

Main topics of the conference were software processes and the exchange of experience on the individual application in various contexts (e.g., in the public application domain), project management regarding systematic systems development processes, and software quality.

We gave a presentation in the track "Company-wide Software Processes" titled with "Methoden-Tailoring zur Produkt- und Prozessverbesserung: eine Erweiterung des V-Modell XT" (D. Winkler, S. Biffl):
Software processes support the construction of high-quality software products. Software processes defines the sequence of steps along the project course. In common industry a wide range of different software processes exist, which focus on individual project requirement (e.g., application domain, project type, size). Nevertheless, these common software processes must be adjusted to be applicable to individual project needs (customization & tailoring). Processes define the sequence of steps what have to be done when. A missing link is the support of suitable methods which support engineers in constructing the product (how the product should be developed).
The talk introduces a concept for a method tailoring approach which enables tailoring of a common software process (based on the V-Modell XT) and the selection of an appropriate method set for project application.
The slides of our presentation are available for download (the slides and the other material from this conference are in German).

Beside presentations and discussions of academic and industry papers, "state of the art" presentations focus on relevant topics for industry and best software engineering practice:
  1. Professionelle Softwareentwicklung sichert Standortvorteile (Georg Schmid, Bayrisches Staatsministerium des Inneren)
  2. On Models and Ontologies – or what you always wanted to know about Model-Driven Engineering (Gerti Kappel, TU Vienna)
  3. Erfolg reproduzierbar machen (Reinhold E. Achatz, Siemens)
The keynote slides are available to the conference participants via the conference website.

Dietmar Winkler (edited by Alexander Schatten)

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