Tuesday, October 23, 2007

[Pub] Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel

In the recent Infoweek magazine I wrote about Enterprise Integration Patterns following the excellent book from Gregor Hohpe and the Apache Camel project that intends to support the implementation of these patterns. Hohpe describes in his book a set of patterns that often occur in enterprise integration projects such as message construction patterns, routing, transformation (format conversion...), filtering, splitting and aggregation of messages and so on.

Apache Camel is now a project, that implements a domain specific language (and alternatively an XML based one) that should simplify the implementation of typical patterns. Several examples can be found on the Camel website, e.g. for content-based routing or content enricher.

Btw.: I just figured, that James Strachan added some screencasts to demonstrate Apache Camel!

Particularly interesting about Camel is the fact, that it can be deployed as component following the Java Business Integration (JBI) standard. JBI is a standard following the Java specification request mechanism and describes how ESB components and the required ESB bus infrastructure cooperate.

As a JBI component it can be used e.g., in the enterprise service bus Apache Service Mix and provide important ESB features like advanced routing or filtering.

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