Tuesday, December 04, 2007

[Tech] The Androids are coming?

Actually I am a little bit embarassed to write about Google Android, as I thought, that already everyone knows about the newest Google feat. However, talking to some colleagues and students, it is apparently not yet so well known as a I thought.

Now what is Android?

Google released recently in cooperation with the Open Handset Alliance (including companies like DoCoMo, LG, Motorola, Samsung, T-Mobile, but also a series of software companies like Google, Ebay, and general hardware companies like Intel, Qualcom, Texas Instruments...) an Open Source operating system for mobile phone. The API and development language is Java. And, no, so far there are no mobile phones available that already use Android as a basis. And this is for sure the critical point. Rumors say, that next year the first mobile phones on Android basis might appear.

However, I think that this approach is very interesting. Let's face it: the iPhone is a cool gizmo, but too closed; Symbian and the like are a pain in the a... and developing in Java Micro Edition is all but fun. I also believe, that an open cell-phone platform could bring a significant incentive for new innovative mobile services.

Google provides an SDK for download at Google Code that includes a phone-emulator and a set of nice videos on YouTube. Some of them give a general introduction, some lead through the first development steps in writing an Android application given by Dan Morill.

I actually like what I have seen so far and would really love to see an opening of the mobile-phone sector.

Update: What I completly forgot to mention is the Developer Challenge. Google provides 10 Mio US$ that will be distributed between two calls:
  • Submissions until March 3
  • and submissions after the first handhelds are launchen in probably late 2008
Check out the website for more details.

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