Friday, November 09, 2007

[Arch] Domain Driven Design - Presentation

In this presentation Eric (specialist in domain driven design and autor of the book domain driven design ) steps through a Cargo sample, where he give an example how to identify objects and put them in a relation. When dealing with domain driven design you will realize that complexity is in the domain and this complexity will be also found in the model.

Eric point to a very important thing in domain driven design: The language and naming of objects. The complexity of implementation can be reduced through good domain design. This fact is represented in his sample by using Leg-Based and Stop-Based models. Depending on the used model there is a major impact on the implementation details. While designing the domain model it is necessary to validate the model by playing different scenarios (use cases) with the model. The language of the model depends on the context in which the model is used.

The presentation gives a really good introduction in Domain Driven Design (DDD).

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