Monday, November 19, 2007

[Tech] News from Spring

First of all, today I got the news about the name change of Interface 21, the company behind the Springframework. Interface 21 becomes Spring Source. At present spending a lot of time with Mule. Do you think, there are similarities between MuleSource and SpringSource :)))

Ok, back to my topic!

Developing enterprise applications becomes very structured using Spring. But what about testing? Especially integration tests, database issues and the like. The Spring Mock module provides useful Helper classes and abstract test cases in order to make powerful tests, which deals with transaction management and so on. This article provides a sample application where the fundamental steps of testing a Spring application are described.

Additionally I've found the first part of a three-part article series, dealing with the new configuration features in Spring:
  • Spring annotations for configuration
  • Auto detection of spring components
If the second and third parts are online, I'll update the site. See you!

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