Friday, April 18, 2008

[Tech] Tech Brief on Mule 2

For few weeks the new major release of the Open Source ESB Mule was released. On TheServerSide Ross Mason, the founder of Mule and CTO of MuleSource gives some statements about the new version. In this tech brief he points out the following issues:
  • Major API changes and improvements
  • Architecture improvements
  • Transports, transformers, Connectors have consistent look and feel
  • Schema-Based Spring XML configuration
  • A REST pack was released with 2.0 hosted on MuleForge
  • Future support for SCA
My impression about the new version is very positiv. It's much cleaner and the new schema based configuration makes Mule configuration an easy task, not least through the XSD support of my XML editor. There is now much work to do in order to migrate some support modues and extensions available on MuleForge.

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