Wednesday, April 16, 2008

[Conf] Object Database Conference Review

On 13th and 14th of March Berlin saw the ICOODB 2008 i.e. the First International Conference on Object Databases (some pictures here).

Despite several transportation strikes more then 150 registered users were able to listen to the 25 talks at TFH-Berlin. The conference started with the science day on Thursday the 13th. Some of the first speakers have been:

  • Christof Wittig (CEO db4objects Inc.) with a cool Web 2.0 keynote
  • Mice Card from the OMG about database standardization
  • Prof. Subieta presenting his stack based approach to object databases
There has been a hot discussion after all these talks about future directions of object databases. One main question was if new developments should be user driven or standards driven.

The second day (14th) was the application day with talks from:
  • Robert Greene (Vice President Versant Inc.)
  • Leon Gudzenda (CTO Objectivity)
  • Ralf Westphal with two invited talks about Transacional Memory and AmazonDB
  • Carl Rosenberger
  •  Chris Beams (Spring Source)
and many more ...

So as you can see the program didn't just cover object databases: We had talks about LINQ, JPOX, SQL 2003 and even Oracle contributed a lot interesting stuff!

In the next month we finish the proceedings covering the science papers. Those who are interested can order them (by contacting me).

Furthermore we will put in some interesting slides on the webpages in a few weeks.

To conclude: Due to the great visitor response the ICOODB is likely to be continued 2010 and then subsequently every two years at a different location. We are currently negotiation to provide the best place in the world for ICOODB 2010. So stay tuned!

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