Tuesday, February 02, 2010

[Pub] Eclipse Plugin for Mule and Mule Data Mapper

The main topic of the actual Eclipse Magazin is called Plugin Parade, where I published a short article about the new Mule IDE and Mule Data Integrator, two Plugins for Eclipse. The Mule IDE provides an integrated Mule server for Eclipse. Therefore the test of Mule environments in Eclipse is very comfortable and easy. As data transformation is a significant part in an ESB, a graphical support tool such as the Mule Data Integrator provides a powerful tool for integration developers. Mule Data Integrator is an end-to-end solution for complex data integration and transformation, simplifying the development, maintenance, and deployment of data maps. One of the major advantage of the data integrator is the integrated Test Suite.

The combination of the Mule IDE and Mule Data Integrator provides a really good environment for your integration development.

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