Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[Tech] Balsamiq Mockups

If you develop Client or Web applications providing a User Interface you end up with questions like:

  • Which GUI do we provide
  • Elements (Input fields, Buttons, etc.) should the GUI contain
  • What is the structure of the GUI
  • and many other questions
Usually you have several workshops with the end users who work with the final software systems. Balsamiq mockups is a great tool to create mockup GUIs in a very fast time. I always use this tool in workshops with the customer. With this smart software product you can create and tweak UI designs in real time during the meeting and the user will see the result immediateley. The tool provides a predefined mockups, like Buttons, Tables, Fields, Tabs and many other common GUI elements. There are also elements available for iPhone applications. A design of a GUI can look like this:
A more complex GUI:

Several designs can be exported to PNG images. Therefore you can create some variants and play use cases through the GUIs. Another very important point for GUI Developers is to determine common GUI components that are used in different modules of your application.

Don't paint the GUIs on yourself, the time is too valuable to waste on it.

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