Sunday, October 08, 2006

[Event] JAOO Tutorial Day 1

ATAM - The Architecture Trade Off Analysis Method (Len Bass)

ATAM is a analysis tool for consultants to quickly detect architectural risks in projects. The main parts are: presenting the business model, extract the quality attributes, the architecture is presented and the evaluator checks if the quality attributes are matched by architectural tactics. Additional possible quality attribute are found via Brainstorming afterwards. The risks, if an quality attribute is not covered by the architecture, are expressed as scenarios, which are prioritized afterwards. This highly risky features are than reported to all stakeholders and provide a good guideline to improve the architecture so the project will meet most of the business needs.

EJB 3 Persistence with OpenJPA (Patrick Linskey & David Ezzio)

JPA is part of the spec of EJB3 and can stand completely alone from the rest of the spec. It is modeled after Hibernate and it seems that finally the persistence in JEE now is use able. OpenJPA is an Open Source Implementation of BEAs Kodo and under Apache License. The main advantage now is that JPA is an usable API which is standardized and implemented by various projects.
Finally the old Entity Beans are gone!

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