Sunday, October 08, 2006

[Event] Personal impressions of JAOO 2006

JAOO is known as one of the best conferences about Software Development and this is definitely true. Nearly all speakers are on a very high level and the audience is from the smarter kind of developers. The interesting part is, that there is no kind of separation between the attendees of the conference: speakers like Gregor Hohpe or Werner Vogels are listening the same speeches you do and they are sitting next to you! JAOO also is perfectly organized, starting from the registration up to sozial events such as the party on the first evening and the IT-Run, also the catering was very impressive, you never left lunch hungry. The most impressive speakers were Kevlin Henney and Alistair Cockburn. Both are very charismatic and especially Kevlin is very literated and knows how to tell stories. A lot of things weren't really new, but it makes a difference how they were presented.
What is also common to most the crowed: all really love beer ... and the JAOO provides a lot if it, even on the panels.
Aarhus itself is a nice little town and as a lot of pubs and restaurants so it is really worth to leave your hotel in the evening.
So what is left to say? If you can visit the JAOO, go! I will certainly visit JAOO 2007 if it is possible, now with the knowledge this is not a “normal” conference, it is unique in its own way.
Finally, trust your digital cam: if there is no enough light, it is mostly true ...

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