Friday, May 02, 2008

[Pub] Service Composition

In my recent (German) Infoweek article I discuss service composition using the SCA and SDO standard and the open source runtime Apache Tuscany. This article is freely available on the Infoweek site. I personally think that both standards are very interesting and not enough known at the moment. The Apache Tuscany project is still in the incubator, but seems to have a good momentum. Recently a new version was announced, that also provides an integration with OSGi as the runtime works with Apache Felix. Javalobbly has an article about this new release and the Tuscany/OSGi integration.

However, what I am still waiting for is an integration of SCA/SDO in Apache Tuscany with JBI, i.e., that the runtime can be deployed as a JBI component e.g. in Service Mix. I have no objections against OSGi, however, my feeling is, that it would fit even better in the integration context of an JBI enterprise service bus.

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