Monday, May 05, 2008

[Misc] Late April Joke: OLPC XO and Windows...

Ok. I do not tend to use strong words in this blog, but even considering to put Windows on the OLPC XO is probably the most questionable idea I have heard in the last years in the IT world. The whole idea of the OLPC was (with much effort!) to create an open system, from hardware to software, that everyone can modify. To create a device you can learn with and learn from. The hard- and software are linked together, co-evolved for high performance on a rather low performance hardware to achieve a highly efficient and powerful device. Just considering to put Windows on that device is such a weird idea, that I believed it was an April joke when I read the first article. Why would anyone want to destroy the OLPC idea that was definitly more than a cheap laptop by making just that: a cheap crappy Windows laptop. What is the rational here? If Mr. Negroponte believes he cannot drive the project any longer, he should leave or stop it, but not ruin everything that was build up with a lot of effort from many spirited developers worldwide.

I just write that article to sympathise with all OLPC members that feel betrayed at least just by circulating such an idea. It is like inviting the club of vegetarians to a summer party and promising the best vegetarian food and then offering bloody steak and spare ribs. Sorry guys for these bad news associated with a great and inspired project. Carry on, and leave this nonsense behind you!

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