Thursday, May 29, 2008

[Pub] What's new in Mule 2

Mule from MuleSource is one of the most used Open Source ESB in actual integration projects. On March 31, Mulesource announced the final Mule 2 release, a popular Open Source ESB. This major release comes with some new features and architectural improvements. For this purpose I've written an article for all german audience interested in Mule, for the JAX Center. The article is available online and covers the following topics:
  • The new schema based configuration approach
  • API changes
  • New concepts such as Mule Context and Registry
  • The role of Spring in Mule 2
  • The changes of Transports and Transformers
  • Migration from Mule 1.x to Mule 2

We've upgrade our prototype application to Mule 2, illustrating the basic concepts of an ESB. The prototype is available on here.

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