Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[Arch] Architecture Patterns

Markus sent me an interesting link to a paper from Markus Völter (who is well known through the Open Architectureware project) that I would really like to share with the Blog audience: In his paper "Architecture Patterns", Markus Völter suggests a pattern language and a methodology to define a Software architecture that is not "based" or depending on specific technology. In the abstract he writes:
"The craft of defining an architecture – independent of buzzwords – has gone out of fashion. Designing architectures on a conceptual level is not something people learn, or read books about (there aren't many books on this topic!). The view for the essential aspects of an architecture is obstructed by all the technology crap."
Strong words indeed, not only in the abstract, yet I believe this article provides good material for discussion!

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