Wednesday, March 19, 2008

[Arch] Spring Integration - Another Integration Plattform

At present there is a lot of noise about integration issues on the open source market and many projects, such as Mule, Service Mix, Apache Camel and similar candiates are well designed technologies using in integration projects. Today watching the new Spring Source site and check their products I've found Spring Integration, an extension to the Spring framework to support Enterprise Integration Patterns. The Integration is build in a Spring like way, by using XML and Annotations.

I can't follow this step, because matured projects like Mule are build on Spring core and the configuration is Spring like. Camel e.g. provides a full implementation of a rich set of EIP and Mule does it also. Reading the Spring Source Blog I found the statement:
"[...] we were looking into Servicemix or Mule, but decided against them because of the complexity associated with a more complete ESB, when we really just want a lightweight message router. [...]"
Especially Mule, is in my opinion a good choice when developer search for a lightweigt integration plattform. JBI implementation is not an issue:
"We are not building the framework upon JBI, because our "component model" is Spring. I should add that there is a lot of hype around the future role of OSGi in this space, and given that we are co-evolving with the Spring Dynamic Modules project, we are particularly well-suited to build upon that. SCA on the other hand is consistent with the concepts of dependency injection, and SpringSource is involved in that initiative, so you can probably expect to see SCA integration at some point."
Look at Spring Integration sample and post your opinion about the project.

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