Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[Misc] Dave Rosenberg on Open source's business opportunities

I've found an interview with Dave Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Mulesource the company behind Mule ESB. There is much noise around Mule and SOA and why Open Source technologies can be used to set up a lightweight SOA. In this interview Dave Rosenberg discuss the opportunities of Open Source in business and what the future brings. I've summarized some interesting statements:
  • Open Source challenge continues to be innovative while delivering high-quality products
  • Open source distribution puts software closer to customers
  • Wide-scale adoption of open source in mission-critical applications as open source products continue to mature
  • Open source is no longer a matter of "if" but instead, a matter of "when"
  • Enterprises have accepted open source as part of the core infrastructure
  • The biggest business misstep is probably the obsessive focus on licensing, which, while important, distracted people for way too long
  • Future of software is a combination of open source and SaaS
I think Open Source technologies are still growing in importance and many companies build on open source technologies. In my opinion the most interesting thing about Open Source development is the possiblity to meet, discuss, analyse and develop with great developers, architects from all over the world.

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